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Holochain news june 2019

holochain news june 2019If you'd like to dive deeper into everything happening at Holochain and Holo, All news on $HOT listings and exchanges will be made on our Twitter The community-led Infographic Contest ended on June 30th, The data architecture of Holochain is not a blockchain, and its functioning News 7 Live Stream, July 17 Debuted on YouTube and first uploaded video. When On June 24, , Virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna, in a.

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DLTs are opening up possible futures, one of which is holochain news june 2019 wave of infrastructure decentralization with common-centric and cosmo-local production. Indeed, DLTs remove the need for supply 2019 low coins intermediaries to validate transaction between parties, who instead holochain news june 2019 their trust in the encrypted, disintermediated system software.

DLTs can be designed as a new unencloseable non-commodifiable medium of communication, which could lead to radically new forms of cooperation, organization, and governance.

Yet these revolutionary bitcoin hack 2019 will not be realized unless technologists consciously and strategically design systems redistributing sovereignty from elites to the people in financial, service, and national infrastructures.

Introduction Technology is always a combination of the technical, political, social and economic.

Holochain news june 2019

Distributed ledger technology DLT is a relatively recent technological innovation which enables secure, distributed exchange and registry of assets without the need for a trusted third party. DLTs are a digital ledger of transactions of assets where the ledger is widely distributed among stakeholders and maintainers.

The first, and perhaps most widely-known application of DLT, created by Holochain news june 2019 Nakamoto, was the Bitcoin blockchain with several cryptocurrency blockchains soon following Bitcoin's holochain news june 2019.

The creator s of blockchain technology emerged from the self-identified cypherpunk movement click the following article cryptologists and coders of which Nakamoto was a member. Back when Satoshi had first launched the software, his writings were drily focused on the technical specifications of the programming.

But after the first few weeks, Satoshi began emphasizing the broader ideological motivations for the software to help win over a broader audience Popper,p. However, currencies like Bitcoin are only one small set of possible DLT applications.

Others include payment processing, online voting, humanitarian holochain news june 2019, copyright protection, cooperative exchange, digital identity management and supply chain verification.

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The democratic promise of DLTs that Nakamoto foresaw reside in their tendencies toward decentralization and horizontalism.

Some DLT applications may allow for the democratization of finance, services, agriculture, and governance holochain news june 2019 traditional geographic limitations Manski, It is important to distinguish the general concept of distributed holochain news june 2019 collaborative ledgers, from the specific historical expression of using them through a blockchain-based infrastructure.

Today, several post-blockchain DLT's are already in development. Blockchains are a form of distributed ledger technology created to provide a secure and valid distributed consensus across one universal chain of blocks.

Post-blockchains do not rely on a single chain of blocks and may have multiple chains. They often incorporate different means of security and consensus protocols.

Holochain news june 2019

The proper application of DLT is controversial holochain news june 2019 contested terrain. Although Messner originally used the concept of contested terrain to study sports culture, it is a useful theoretical framework for examining technology as cultural practices that reinforce both existing power dynamics and social inequalities.

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holochain news june 2019 Specifically, Holochain news please click for source 2019 enable several new types of value accounting which are being used to change the direction of global capitalism by aiding its transition to a more equitable communitarian future.

Over the last decade, commons-centric economic models, including both open source communities and urban commons have steadily increased in number.

In one study, the P2P Value research project examined peer production projects that are using, prototyping, or experimenting with contributive accounting Utratel, Contributive accounting replaces the accounting of hourly labor holochain news june 2019 a measure of value with open production communities that attempt to recognize all manner of contributory behavior in their value accounting.

To achieve this alternative accounting system, DLTs, game theory and cryptography are being combined to create scalable ecosystems that encourage contributions by community members. Tiberius of Sensorica's Open Value Network explains: Our thesis is that in order to reward all the participants in p2p [peer to peer] economic activity, and thus to incentivize contributions and make participation sustainable for everyone, we need to do contribution accounting: record everyone's contribution, evaluate these contributions, and calculate every participant's fair share.

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This method for redistribution of benefits must be established at the beginning of the economic process, in a transparent way.

It holochain news june 2019 a contract among participants, and it allows them to estimate their rewards in relation with their efforts.

We call this the contribution accounting system. Brastaviceanu is part of a global movement sharing a vision of a post-capitalist society created through cooperatively controlled socio-technological architecture. Capitalism can be described simply as a system in which those who hold capital rule Manski, McCarthy describes four foundations of capitalist society, which is summarized below: 1.

Production is for exchange not consumption and holochain news june 2019 not barter. Productive assets are privately owned by a small minority capitalists.

Holochain news june 2019

Most people need to work for someone else to survive wage labor. Holochain news june 2019 is a monetary system holochain news june 2019 produces bank-credit money centralized monetary system. What does this tell us about the character of value in capitalism?

Capitalist markets recognize profit—that is, exchange value—as value and prioritizes social, political and technological processes which that enable the production of commodities for exchange value.

However, in capitalism, everything else required for the reproduction of life—such as a clean healthy environment, care work, and altruism—is considered an economic externality, having no exchange value Moore, We can see the capitalist economy's crisis of value all around us: the rampant destruction of ecosystems, oppressively meaningless employment, extreme poverty, rising xenophobia, and more.

The pathological value accounting of global capitalism is diametrically opposed to the cooperative values of humanity Rousseau, Bellamy Foster and O'Connor expanded Continue reading original thinking on labor and resources to consider capitalism's impact on the environment.

They assert there is a general law of environmental degradation under capitalism.

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Foster then argues a second contradiction follows from the first, when the same contradictory drive to profit depletes capitalism's ecological foundations. Capitalism thereby produces the ecological conditions of its own decline through the exploitation of its ecological resource base, causing progressive ecological crises.

Holochain news june 2019

While this special issue is focused on the Global Holochain news june 2019, we holochain news june 2019 the https://catalog-obzor.ru/2019/top-new-cryptocurrency-2019.html role of capitalism and technologies increasing interconnectedness of the world economy as giving rise to novel articulations of social and political power.

Past North and South, core and periphery divisions traditionally invoked by World System theorists Amin, ; Gunder Frank and Gills, ; Holochain news june 2019 and Grimes, ; Wallerstein, ; Arrighi, may now be less characteristic of global capitalism as highly complex supply chains circle the globe with design, manufacturing, assembly, and shipping occurring in many different countries.

Holochain news june 2019

The transnational capitalism class Sklair, ; Sassen, ; Robinson, always takes advantage of new technologies to ease transnational flows of value and DLTs are being incorporated holochain news june 2019 this system.

For example, DLTs are being used to free monetary value from nation-state restrictions as the currency exchange and remittance network Holochain news june 2019 Martindale,is accelerating transnational capital flows and globalized circuits of production Groenfeldt, We use the work of the non-profit P2P Foundation and Sarah Manski's research as our theoretical foundation for this paper.

The P2P Foundation is a global network dedicated to advocacy and research of commons-oriented peer to peer Holochain news june 2019 dynamics in society. P2P and commons-oriented communities, values and practices are now increasingly present in the world of physical production through open design, the sharing economy and co-working in community-operated, collaborative workspaces like hackerspaces, makerspaces, and Fab-labs.

These movements represent a cultural shift toward new kinds of technology enabled democratic and economic participation holochain news june 2019 we believe are sowing the seeds for a more sustainable, egalitarian holochain news june 2019.

This paper presents research from the P2P Foundation and Sarah Manski's ethnographic interviews and provides a clearer understanding the role of emerging value accounting in the creation of techno-social infrastructure.

We have developed a four-quadrant model Figure 1 to explain four competing socio-technological infrastructures, that co-exist, strive toward hegemony, and represent a different set of social-economic interests and value systems. The paper is structured as click the following article subsequent to this introduction, Part 1 introduces cooperative values, new value logic emerging in cooperative productive communities, the practice of commoning as a response to structural crises, and article source in depth the models of techno-social infrastructure.

Framework for truly peer-to-peer applications

Part 2 discusses cosmo-localism as a new mode of production in comparison to traditional manufacturing and distributed global manufacturing.

Part 3 is a survey of blockchain and post-blockchain technologies and a brief explanation holochain news june 2019 how these technologies integrate into three different accounting innovations with the city of Ghent as a case.

Part holochain news june 2019 explains new holochain news june 2019 of value accounting for post-capitalist production.

Part 6 introduces Puerto Rico as a case of a space in which blockchain technology is touching down with repercussions for governance and sovereignty.

This paper concludes the possibilities of DLTs cannot be achieved unless developers, designers, investors and technologists consciously and strategically design systems holochain news june 2019 to the principles of the commons with further analysis and discussion of the class click of technology and accounting, including an exploration of the implications for social movements' praxis and accounting technology agency as part of the struggle to create emancipatory and regenerative future techno-social infrastructure.

Holochain news june 2019

Generative vs. This framework was first introduced in Kostakis and Bauwens and was re-worked and published in the form used in this article in Bauwens and Pazaitisp. Part 1: The New Commons-Centric Value Logic Before discussing new holochain news june 2019 accounting socio-technical infrastructures in detail, it is essential to stress the role of culture and ideology in the package of successful movement strategy Polletta, Click at this page holochain news june 2019 these groups share to construct their future making strategies include cooperativism or moving beyond capitalism to a commons-based holochain news june 2019 system that regenerates both people and planet.

While capitalism is ubiquitous and its destructive presence read article felt everywhere, the number of people involved in creating a cooperative economy beyond capitalism is not marginal.

More than 1. Cooperatives place ethics, values, and principles above profits and cooperative enterprises reinvest in individual worker-owners, communities and holochain news june 2019 growth of the cooperative movement.

Rather than only being paid a wage for their labor, cooperative members both own and run their businesses.

Holochain news june 2019

This model is superior to distant corporate boards of directors running the business because the worker-owners do not choose environmentally destructive production processes gbtc dividend choose to close the business to move it to a lower wage location.

Those millions of people who are involved in the cooperative movement are holochain news june 2019 shaping culture, and they understand that technology can play an important role. The long-term HANDY Human AND Nature DYnamics study of the collapse of all holochain news june 2019 civilizational models, has established a linkage between crisis and the re-mutualization of societies, and has identified equality as a click factor to holochain news june 2019 avoid crises, mitigate their effects shorting the crisis periodsand create the necessary resilience for the restructuring of civilizational models Motesharrei et al.

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Whitaker's book Whitaker, on Ecological Revolutions and the Axial Religions, provides for several in-depth case studies on this point in Asia twelfth Japan f.

The first structural crisis we identify is the ecological state of our planet, destructive go here change, and issues of resource scarcity, which, in the context of competing peer polities nation-statescould potentially lead to war.

Very much related to the first two holochain news june 2019 of crisis is the third one: the need for the sharing of knowledge which can solve these issues. The emergence and intensification of these crises has led, in a large degree as a response, to converging, but still largely fragmented, constellations of forces and initiatives that aim to solve these crises.

They are working on making systems of holochain news june 2019 more ecologically sustainable; diminishing the human footprint on nature. The third set of movements check this out the sharing of knowledge, code and design in global open source and design systems by creating globally scaled networks holochain news june 2019 collaboration.

These three movements are engaged in experimental, prototypal, and pre-figurative practices and are using and strategically developing new types of technological tools with affordances Manski and Manski, fitting their needs.

Holochain news

In this process they seek to escape dominant technologies read article exacerbate inequalities and limit human potential.

This paper is dedicated to the description of this emerging value accounting techno-social infrastructure, in which various social groups and interests are vying for, if not hegemony, then at least holochain news june 2019 creation of tools that allow for relative autonomy of their pursuits.

This model, which also includes state actors that aim to control internet communication and platforms, we call Leviathan, since holochain news june 2019 is about surveillance, the control and nudging click here human behavior, and the capture of value from commoners.

The second model, which is the one that will be discussed in the greatest detail, is the model of distributed capitalism. These are formally decentralized systems that aim to create permissionless usage by avoiding centralized gatekeepers we will amend this over-simplification later.

We call this model Mammon 2as the aim is, despite the use of open source technologies and commons of code, to extract profit. The holochain news june 2019 model involves creating commons for local provisioning, this is holochain news june 2019 dominant model among urban commoners not working toward profit-maximization.

This model shares global knowledge over a common platform, but still aims to operate locally i. Finally, there is a fourth model, based on global open design communities that aim to create global common goods and are organized beyond the local.

In this model, the global is recognized as a priority.

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These projects are often holochain news june 2019 by non-profit and democratically run foundations, and rarely surrounded by not-for-profit 3 entrepreneurial coalitions. For the third and fourth model, we use the name Gaia, the Greek Goddess of the Earth, holochain news june 2019 these projects are most often geared toward sustainability.

In the fourth model, the ecosystems are generative toward the creation of global common goods that are universally available.

Holochain news june 2019

This means that we are not merely discussing competing models and platforms in the name of efficiency or profitability, but also worldviews and ideologies, with different social and political priorities.

Holochain news june 2019 gives us a potential set of four generative socio-technological forms for our productive value accounting infrastructure.

Holochain news june 2019

Before going further, we need to explain the new value logic that is emerging in these productive communities. Consider the following Figure 2where we expand the logic at the micro-level of what we call the commons economy, holochain news june 2019 a model for society as a whole.

The post-capitalist scenario of a stable commons allied to holochain news june 2019 social economy used with permission.

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