- 26.02.2020

Eos mainnet launch

eos mainnet launchEOS's mainnet launch was slated to happen on June 2, But almost a week later the blockchain is not yet live. For those who do not know. Less than 48 hours after its launch, EOS mainnet faces a system failure, which block producers are working to correct.

Sneak Peek Inside EOS Mainnet Launch

In brief: Eosfinex has entered eos mainnet launch Beta testing phase of its mainnet. The team is looking for beta testers who will get early access to all the Eosfinex trading features and Bitfinex eos mainnet launch. Once launched, Eosfinex will cater to the EOS ecosystem.

The EOS Mainnet Launch: Security & Software Testing

The team behind Eosfinex has announced that the project is in the final eos mainnet launch of its Mainnet launch. Eos mainnet launch the final step before a public launch, Eosfinex is looking eos mainnet launch Beta Mainnet testers who will get early access to the trading features of the platform as well as the liquidity provided eos mainnet eos mainnet launch Bitfinex.

Eos mainnet launch

The team made the announcement via the following tweet. Join us, eos mainnet launch your feedback and get early access to all eosfinex trading features and bitfinex liquidity.


However, access to the Beta testing program is currently limited to key EOS community members. Eosfinex plans on accomplishing this goal by providing access to the Bitfinex markets from the eos mainnet launch of an Eos mainnet launch non-custodial wallet.

Eos mainnet launch

Furthermore, the platform aims at partnering with the eos mainnet launch projects in the EOS ecosystem.

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