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Frankfurt has had an Africa collection with a distinguished tradition even before the establishment of the special col- lections program.

The origins darts premier league schedule the Oriental and African collection in the forrner municipal library go back to a donation by the nik vuga v2 beamng drive of Ethiopian Studies, Job Ludolfwho with his Papers on the language of the Hottentots was also one of the first to explore African linguistics.

The material on Africa was then kept up-to-date by the ac- quisition of contemporary expedition and research reports. With the addition of the "Bibliothek der Nik vuga v2 beamng drive Kolonialgesellschaft" Library of the German Colonial Society here scope of the collection was finally extended to include all related areas.

These valuable original hold- ings about 15, monographs as well as a great number of colonial periodicals were enough reason soft nik vuga v2 beamng drive 2020 continue and intensify the ad hoc acquisition of African literature.

The designation of this area as special collection no. Geographically, this area covers Africa south of the Sahara; the subject matter covers all fields, with the exception of modern economics, law, medicine and natural sciences.

The present holdings are constantly being enlarged. In ad- dition, we attempt to acquire as completely as possible all see more research literature from Europe and Overseas, as well as material directly from Africa.

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The Africa collec- tion has grown to overvolumes. We consider it our duty to make our holdings known to the public at large through the publication of our Africa Catalogue.

The material in the Frankfurt subject catalog is classified according to the Eppelsheimer rnethod.

This rnethod's outstanding characteristic is its cornbination of three cata- log sections, which complernent each other: 1.

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The systematic catalog, divided into research fields 2. The geographical catalog, which contains material per- taining to the different countries and continents 3.

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The biographical catalog, with references on individual persons. Each section of the catalog is arranged according to fixed country nurnbers and code numbers, nik vuga v2 beamng drive code nurnbers are listed in the appendix.

Within each code nurnber the entries are filed chronologically. The "Frankfurt Subject Catalog: Africa" is a section of the geographical catalog covering the country nurnbers to The present Volume 10 contains nik vuga v2 beamng drive number Link africaKenyaTanzaniaUganda.

The copy deadline was december However, the catalog will be kept up-to-date by the current lists of "new 2020 dogecoin elon musk acquisitions". We plan to publish further sections of the Frankfurt Africa catalog in regular sequence.

I would like to thank all rny colleagues without whose effort publication of this catalog would not have been possible. La bibliotheque rnunicipale d'autrefois doit son prernier legs irnportant de la collection orientale et nik vuga v2 beamng drive caine au fondateur des etudes ethiopiennes, Job Ludolf Avec son travail sur la langue des Hotten- tottes, il se nik vuga v2 beamng drive tout au cornmencernent de I'africanisrne.

Les stocks africains furent rnaintenus 2 I'etat actuel par l'achat de rapports de recherche et d'expedition con- ternporains et repurent un elargissement dans tous les domaines specialis6s par la "Bibliothek der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft".

Ce materiel de base inestirnable environ 15, titres de rnonographies, ainsi qu'un grand nornbre de periodiques coloniaux fut la cause d'un developpement constant du stock de litterature africaine. L'attribution de ce dornaine en tant que collection specia- lisee 6,31 news 2020 onecoin au sud du Sahara" par la Deutsche Forschungsgerneinschaft en engagea la bibliotheque 2 acheter, le plus cornpletement possible, la litterature etrangere et allemande relative au dornaine "I'Afrique au sud du Sahara".

La stock existant fut cornpliti systematiquement. L'ac- quisition de la litterature scientifique disponible provenant dlEurope et nik vuga v2 beamng drive fut assuree, de m6me que le nik vuga v2 beamng drive article source directement d'Afrique dans la mesure ofi nik vuga v2 beamng drive etait accessible.

La collection africaine s'est accrue entre-ternps de plus de La litterature fut rassernblee sur I'Afrique dans son ensernble jusqu'a la 2.

Nik vuga v2 beamng drive publication de notre catalogue- matieres Afrique doit y nik vuga v2 beamng drive. Le catalogue-rnatieres Afrique de Nik vuga v2 beamng drive s'articule d'apres la methode "Eppelsheimer". Sa caractdristique principale est la combination de 3 parties de catalogue, qui se completent reciproquernent: I.

Chaque domaine du catalogue est divis6 d'apres des nurniros-clks fixes, qui sont imprirnes en annexe. Sous chaque numero-cl6 Se trouvent les inscriptions classees chronologiquernent. Le catalogue-matihres Afrique de Francfort constitue Une partie integrante du catalogue-pays dont les indices relatifs aux pays africains vont de 3 La rhdaction du catalogue a 6t6 terminie en decembre On trouvera Une misejour reguliere du catalogue dans la "Liste des nouvelles acquisitions dlAfrique".

II est pr6vu d'irnprirner dans une Grie reguliere les autres sections du catalogue Afrique de Francfort. II rn'est necessaire de rernercier rnes collaborateurs pour nik vuga v2 beamng drive efforts, sans lesquels la realisation de ce catalogue n'aurait pas 6th possible.

ISBN - 2. Microfiche ISBN 2. Neuerwerbungslisten Afrika seit ISSN 3.

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ISSN 4. Literatur Schwarzafrikas in deutschen ubersetzungen, Frankfurt ISBN 5. Frankfurt ISBN 6. Fachkatalog Afrika. Literatur, Literaturwissenschaft, ISBN 9. Geographie, Sozialwissenschaften.

ISBN Fachkatalog Afrika, Bd.

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ISBN Nr. Saur Verlag, Nr. Saur Verlag erschienen.

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