- 25.02.2020

Overwatch loot box bug

overwatch loot box bugA new bug in Overwatch makes the items obtained from boxes vanish into thin air​. Players still obtain the cosmetics, but the opening animation. Every single lootbox I've opened for the anniversary event has given me the same glitch. The camera is zoomed in, past the items I received.

Add a photo to this gallery Items from Loot Boxes include player icons, skins, emotes, sprays, voice lines, victory poses, and highlight intros, as well as credits that players can spend to unlock items of their overwatch loot box bug.

Overwatch loot box bug

Player Icons: Used overwatch loot box bug customize the avatar of the player profile. Player Icons reference heroes, abilities, miscellaneous in-game terms, or even other Blizzard games. All Player Icons come in Rare overwatch loot box bug.

Overwatch loot box bug

Skins: Skins are one of the most valuable items by far, and are generally more valuable than sprays or voice overwatch loot box bug.

They are used to change the appearance of heroes.

Overwatch loot box bug

Skins come in three qualities: Overwatch loot box bug, Epic and Legendary. Emotes: Another type of valuable item.

Overwatch Bug Makes Loot Box Items Invisible

They are used to perform an action through the use of the Communication Wheel. These are only for cosmetic purposes and have no effect on gameplay.

Overwatch loot box bug

Some emotes last longer than others, some have an infinite duration, overwatch loot box bug interrupted.

All Emotes come in Epic quality, except for a select few Legendary ones.

Overwatch loot box bug

Sprays: Used to spray on a surface in the game. Sprays are based on heroes, maps, etc.

Overwatch loot box bug

Some sprays are not acquired here Loot Boxes, but achievements instead.

All Sprays come in Common quality.

Role Queue/Event Loot Box Bug

Voice Lines: Used to speak with teammates in the voice of heroes through use of the Communication Wheel. All Voice Lines come in Common quality.

Victory Poses: Used to customize the pose of heroes in the team's Victory photo finish. All Victory Poses come in Rare quality. Highlight Overwatch loot box bug A valuable item to obtain.

Overwatch loot box bug

They are used to customize the animated introduction at the beginning of every Overwatch loot box bug of the Game or when viewing one's Highlight.

All Highlight Intros come in Epic quality. Credits: A pile of gold representing overwatch overwatch loot box bug box bug.


Credits come in three qualities: Rare for 50, Epic for Duplicate items reward one-fifth of the cost of that item. In case of duplicate Player Icons, the compensation is 15, as Player Icons cannot be bought and have no value.

For other items, the compensation is as below: Duplicate items.

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