- 01.03.2020

Buying offline steam accounts

buying offline steam accountsSome account sellers sell access to games in Steam's offline mode. Offline access is much cheaper than selling a full account. If I bought. catalog-obzor.ru › › Video Games › Steam Account.

Originally posted by Corsac Fox Krzeszny : Ok, thanks.

Buying offline steam accounts

It makes my think why Valve don't buying offline steam accounts do buying offline steam accounts They too lose money because of it.

If you can provide evidence of someone renting, selling or buying accounts, you're free to report the shared account s. Of course, I'm not suggesting manually checking accounts!

Buying offline steam accounts

They could create an algorithm based on: -the number and frequency of new IP addresses buying offline steam accounts in from new computers not buying offline steam accounts same computers, so it's not triggered by the use of VPN -the number of different buying offline steam accounts these IPs come from - who has dozens of family members on all continents, using the same Steam account?

That means 50 new logins from new IPs on an account with family mode enabled, and potentially 50 users who have at least at one point used offline mode, and some users who log in and out buying offline steam accounts often. I don't think it would be that hard to make an algorithm that displays accounts sorted by popularity, for manual review and possible bans.

Buying offline steam accounts

The account I'm buying offline steam accounts to report had 13 sales. And it's going to be more and more. It's like with Steam games activated through VPN because in some countries they're much cheaper than buying offline steam accounts other ones.

Buying offline steam accounts

Pretty easy to track down https://catalog-obzor.ru/account/daps-masternode-reward.html then review manually. Within an hour?

Buying offline steam accounts

Nobody does that. This is just an idea.

Buying offline steam accounts

Criticise it all you want.

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