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Electra eu project

electra eu projectThe ELECTRA project is a EU-China RTD joint initiative that will deliver 2 innovative sets of novel electromicrobiology based environmental. ELECTRA IRP European Liason on Electricity Committed Towards long-term Milanese (Italy) at the presence of the European Commission project officer.

electra eu project href="https://catalog-obzor.ru/account/paypal-account-limited-phishing.html">Phishing paypal account limited experts from the ELECTRA team highlighted the main outcomes of the project, both electra eu project findings, with particular reference to the Web-of-Cells concept, and results of the coordination and support action activity.

Electra eu project

ELECTRA partners had also the possibility to hear the point of view on smart grids future development from important electra eu project speakers from some of the most outstanding stakeholders of the European smart grids community.

Moreover the steps that shall be achieved to prepare the future development and possible deployment of the Web- of-Cells concept were electra eu project. Two round tables with international panellists were also organised.

Electra eu project

These gave electra eu project opportunity to discuss about key topics for the future power systems especially related to the possible deployment of ELECTRA results.

The poster session electra eu project the young researchers that participated in the Research Exchange Program described their achievements and their experience to the electra eu project audience was also highly appreciated.

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Electra eu project

electra eu project Don't miss the opportunity to get first-hand information regarding the Web-Of-Cells concept validation and discuss the way forward with outstanding members of the European electra eu project community! Download the preliminary Agendafill now the registration form https://catalog-obzor.ru/account/living-room-of-satoshi-legit.html take advantage electra eu project accommodation at discounted rate!

Electra eu project

Owing to the pretty similar "cellular grid approach", this participation aimed at laying foundations for a future fruitful cooperation in view of several future joint initiatives. Page 1 of

Electra eu project

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