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Tfc account sign in

tfc account sign inSign up for FREE. Already have an account? Log in. Email Address. Mobile Number. +1. Password. Minimum of 8 characters. Country. United States. I agree to. I cannot login or register my existing email address account because I forgot my email password or I don't have access to my email anymore. If.

Tfc account sign in

Adding a position will help your contractors determine who they can contact in specific matters. Driver Other position - enter manually Enter the e-mail adress The email tfc account sign in tfc account sign in be a new address that has tfc account sign in been registered on the Platform before.

Choose account type A hidden employee will not be able to tfc account sign in found in the system.

Each employee using the Platform should have his own account.

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If all data has been completed, click on the Next button Roles and accesses Only authorized users or administrators can add new employees and manage their accounts.

Click here to learn more about company roles and access. You can skip this tfc account sign in and come back to it later, after creating the account, using the Manage employee option in the My company module.

After completing User Detail, you'll see tfc account sign in Roles and Access window.

Tfc account sign in

Access can be granted for two modules: My company and TFC. To do this, click the click here on the right, changing its color to green In the My Compay module you can give a role: Administrator - full access to My company module and company account settings Regular User - has access to the employee list In the TFC module you can give an access: Full access - Tfc account sign in management starting from receiving a freight offer, through negotiating tfc account sign in, managing orders, monitoring loads tfc account sign in managing fixed routes.

Driver- Access to TransTask application.

Tfc account sign in

Click Next to go to the last tab Additional Details and create an account for tfc account sign in tfc account sign in person in your company. Additional Details The Additional details tab is a place where you can optionally enter details about your employee, including ADR licenses, driver licenses and contact telephone number, responsibility, knowledge of foreign tfc account sign in.

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Click Save, to complete the process of adding a new employee. Employee management in tfc account sign in My company module Only authorized users or administrators can add new employees and manage their accounts. Using the My company module, you manage an employee's account by complementing his data, granting access or defining his role tfc account sign in the company.

You can do this in tfc account sign in ways: Option number continue reading Click on the My company module, select the Employees tab, then hover over the account of the employee whose profile you want to manage.

This web page will be highlighted in a darker color, and three dots will appear on the right.

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Click on them to display the Link Employee option.

Tfc account sign in numer 2 Click My Company module, select the Employees tab, and then click the name of your employee.

Tfc account sign in

This will trigger the appearance of details about the tfc account sign in. Click More and then Manage Employee Regardless of the option selected above, the next tfc account sign in is the ability to change or supplement employee data and change his account settings using three tabs: User Data Basic information Changing the name, surname and e-mail address requires authorization.

Please contact Trans. Driver Other position You can also complete information such as department, responsibilities, or knowledge of foreign languages. However, these fields are not tfc account sign in.

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Driver details If you have previously chosen the position of Driver for an employee, you will be able to complete the Driver details and licences. However, this data is not required and you can complete it later. To do this, click the switch on the right, tfc account sign in its color to green.

You can find more information about role tfc account sign in and access for your employees here.

Tfc account sign in

Click Save to complete the employee account management stage. How to delete an account? Only an authorized person or an employee with the Administrator's role can delete an employee's account. Click My Company moduleselect the Employees tab, and then click the name of your employee.

Click More and then Delete employee Because the process of deleting the tfc account sign in is irreversible, you will tfc account sign in asked again tfc account sign in confirm your decision.


If you are sure of your decision, click on the red button Delete employee. Delete your own account If you are an employee who wants to delete your own account, please contact with the Customer Service: phone number: 44 0 00 25 How to add documents to the tfc account sign in

Tfc account sign in

Click the My Company module, select the Documents tab, and then click the green button Add Document The document should be up to 2.

Complete the mandatory details: Tfc account sign in type, Date of issue. Optionally, complete the Document No.

Tfc account sign in

Your document must be authorized by Customer Service. Until then, it will have the status Under Processing. How Did We Do?

Tfc account sign in

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