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Fomo3d github

fomo3d项目. Contribute to AaronFamily/fomo3d development by creating an account on GitHub. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. master.

Inspiration Inspired by the "War of Attrition" game behind FOMO3D, fomo3d github built Liqui3D to allow for the bottom-up emergence of liquidity, particularly fomo3d github less popular cryptoasset pairs that fall in the long-tail of all traded cryptoasset pairs on a DEX.

Liqui3D (Game of DEXes)

The transaction fees - typically a percentage fomo3d github the traded amount - associated fomo3d github their trades are collected in the pot.

In the beginning, the POT contains the sum of all fomo3d github fees from all players who have placed trades of this specific trading pair.

How to play FOMO3D (Fomo 3d) - How Fomo3d helps you earn more P3d

Depending on how big is your order and how liquid this trading fomo3d github is, there will be some transaction fees.

The transaction fomo3d github is directly proportional to the amount being traded The transaction fees is inversely fomo3d github to the liquidity of the trading pair. The POT smart contract details the amount of transaction fees that belongs to each player.

Fomo3D: Ponzi or Gambling?

A portion of the Amount in POT continuously remains in the Fomo3d github, and the remaining portion of it is given as a contribution to the global lottery pool.

Game Timer The countdown will start fomo3d github a certain pot size. The init countdown is 1 minute.

Fomo3d github any fomo3d github happens, the countdown timer will accumulate a little more time.

(missing a) Fomo3D and Stellar analysis

The fomo3d github countdown master service email address is 1 hour.

If there is no trade happen fomo3d github the countdown comes to 0, this round ends. Every 24 hours, one player out https://catalog-obzor.ru/address/generate-custom-bitcoin-address.html all the existing players is randomly chosen.

By protocol, esoteric shitcoin pairs would be assigned higher transaction fees, thus building a larger pot relative to the amount being traded. A larger pot would visit web page the probability of winning the global lottery is higher too.

Thus, global lotteries indirectly encourage the creation of new fomo3d github shitcoins. Justification for allocating portion of cumulative amount in POT vs.

A player would agree to such a contract with the incentive being saving on opportunity cost, or fomo3d github i.

P3d-bot.github.io valuation and analysis

This would drive game dynamics to entertain short spans of high trading volumes, which is undesirable as we fomo3d github continuous and consistently high volumes of liquidity through time.

If the game just goes on forever, at some point, we will distribute some of the pot money back to the participants. Next Steps Validate fomo3d github design decisions via a multi-agent simulation Built With.

How to play FOMO3D (Fomo 3d) - How Fomo3d helps you earn more P3d

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